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Davis Rentals, LLC
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-49cc Scooters
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     Recently, Davis Rentals has begun selling 49cc scooters on contract. To be eligable for a loan, customers need only be able to prove a place of employment and be able to pay off said loan in a matter of six months. When being reviewed for a loan, the credit score of the potential client is not an influential factor in the proccess.
     Customers are required to sign a simple promisary note stating that they will see that their weekly payment is made. A minimum down payment of 150 dollars is required at the purchase of a motor scooter. Customers are encouraged to make a large initial down payment if at all possible, as this will save them money through interest rates. Interest is set at twenty-one percent annually and is not compounded. For a specific quote, request of loan, or any other questions of the matter; contact a Davis Rentals representative.
-New Merchandise Daily-
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Davis Rentals, LLC
Frequently Asked Scooter Questions
Note: Scooters are available in black, blue, and red. A more detailed photo gallery will be online shortly.
Last Update:
Q: What is the price of a scooter?
A: 800 dollars, plus tax.
Q: Are your scooters sold new?
A: Yes.
Q: Is a driver's license required to legally drive a scooter?
A: No. To drive in the city, however, a sticker that must be placed on the back of the scooter must be purchased from the downtown center. It cost one dollar and must be replaced annually.
Q: Is there an additional fee for a late payment?
A: Yes. A one-time charge of seven dollars that is added with each late payment.
Q: What is the top speed of one of the scooters?
A: This depends on a variety of factors. Approximately 30 mph.
Q: How many miles to the gallon do your scooters get?
A: Up to and above 90.
Q: What is the the scooter's model and brand name?
A: We sell Roketa products. Most commonly we sell Roketa's MD50QT-3, but on occasion we will receive a differing model.
Q: Do you sell scooter accessories?
A: We sell helmets (70 dollars) and locks (25 dollars).